About Me

My name is Lennert Dickhoff, I started photography as a kid but got serious about it in 2009, photography is a great fit for me as it combines technology with creativity two big interests of mine. I try to combine my photography with other interests like travel, music and people. Photography is purely as a hobby for me and only pick up things I am interested in.

In 2010 two days after I bought my most used camera a Canon EOS 7D, I was snapping around during a family gettogether and made some pictures of my mom that turned out to be her last. At that moment I realized how important a good photo could be and it really boosted my photography. I have made more then three million shots since of various subjects like weddings, portraits, travel, concerts and a lot of events.

I also love interacting and helping likeminded people therefor I am also part of a few photography groups, give workshops and mentor people interested in improving their photography.


Whether you are just starting with photography or want to build up your skills in a certain area, my workshops and mentoring are here to empower you to improve and excel.


Learn the basics in a few hours and start making images like a pro.


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Concert photography is exciting but can be a big challenge. Get the tools required to produce great images every time.

Working with models

Working with models should be fun for both parties but can be very challenging in the beginning. Learn how to interact and keep you and your model at ease throughout the woods


Here you can find some of my work.